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How to make an order

How to buy fruit candy, Frips, candied fruit, sun-dried tomatoes
order by phone The first option is a live order

To do this, just call us at +3 (097) 6396341 or contact other contacts: direct instagram, vibe, email and leave a request to Irina

Mon-Sun: from 9:00 to 21:00

order through the site

The second option is to order through the site.

Let us dwell on this option in more detail, it is more convenient for you and us. When filling out a simple order form, you leave your coordinates in writing, which eliminates the error in the delivery of goods. So in order:

- Add the product you like to the basket (the availability of goods in the basket can be seen in the upper right corner)

- In the basket, just fill out a very simple order form and click the "place order" button

- Wait until Irina calls you during business hours, and, having specified everything by order, will send you the goods.

Please note that you can leave an order on the site around the clock 365 days a year.