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Payment and delivery


We try to satisfy all the requests of our customers and offer several payment methods in our favor:

Payment by Visa, MasterCard

Payment by Visa, MasterCard

Payment is accepted on the machine through the "checkout" on the site. In this case, we will display your phone number and order number after payment. The data of your cards is encrypted, and no one except the bank receives them. Payment is made through the site from "Privatbank"

If you do not want to make a payment in automatic mode, you need to contact the manager and find out our card number. Payment can be made through any terminal (not an ATM) in Privatbank branches or supermarkets.

Payment by Visa, MasterCard Cash on delivery

Place an order on the site, choose payment by “cash on delivery”. Carefully fill out a simple form and wait for the call. You pay the cost of the goods upon receipt of the transport campaign, and you also pay for sending money back (2% of the cost of goods + 20 UAH).

Delivery of goods to all regions of Ukraine:
Payment by Visa, MasterCard

Free delivery of goods worth over 500 UAH. and is carried out in any city of Ukraine and implies payment by us of the cost of delivery of the "Sender's warehouse" to the "Recipient's warehouse".

Upon receipt of the goods according to the "Cash on Delivery" system, you do not pay for delivery, but pay a percentage for sending money in the amount of 2% of the order value + 20 UAH.

Shipments are made mainly by the transport company New Mail, at the tariffs of the transport company. But at the request of the buyer, we can send other campaigns.

Purchase returns.
Payment by Visa, MasterCard
According to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 19, 1994, No. 172, food products with normal expiration dates and proper quality are not subject to exchange and return.
Food products of inadequate quality (defective, spoiled) are subject to exchange and return, provided that the seller does not comply with the conditions for the sale of goods - if the product was originally defective, and not during transportation or storage in the warehouses of the Carriers. You need to return it within 14 days from the date of purchase, in the original packaging, and with the transport declaration received at the office of the transport campaign.
The money paid by the client for the returned product of inadequate quality will be returned to the buyer within 1-3 working days from the receipt of the return of the goods to the card indicated by the buyer.