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What dishes use sun-dried tomatoes
Not so long ago, we stopped by one of the stores that buys our products in large quantities, and were surprised that their customers did not know why and how to use dried tomatoes. Moreover, the employees of the store itself heard about this from a distance. How so? we opened our mouths is the same delicious thing. We offer you a list of dishes in which you can use dried tomatoes with pleasure:   1) This is of course pizza, with tomatoes it acquires a unique taste, and if you get confused and make the edges filled with cheese, then there will be a bellisimo perfecto. &..
Sugar refusal
Why is sugar refusal relevant now?     We all grew up to sweets. Sweet tea, sweets, porridge with sugar, jam. It is difficult to find foods and dishes that would not contain sugar. And even if you adhere to the system of refusing sugar, you cannot be sure of what you are fed in cafes and restaurants. Did you know that even after ordering a salad of boiled beets, sugar is added to it to enhance the taste. 30-50 years ago, maybe he was needed in this dish, people worked more physically, and they needed the energy of fast carbohydrates. Now, when the majority leads a sede..