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Wholesale of fruit pastille, Frips, sun-dried tomatoes, nachos


The style of writing this page my wife and I see differently. She is inclined to adhere to the canons of official submission of information: indicating our advantages, certificates, tax documents and so on (we have all this in stock).
I, this official, have seen enough of my entrepreneurial activity enough, and I insist that this is a family business, such as in Europe, which is not a shame to pass on to my grandchildren. And therefore, you can serve everything in your own way - as it really is.


Карта городов, где есть продукция ТМ Мой смаколик


Here is a map showing cities where there are one or more stores that buy bulk products from us. And accordingly, you can come and try it on the spot, without ordering it from us. Basically, these are health food stores or eco shops, there are also non-format establishments, similar to anticafe, in which games, gatherings, events are held. I’ll tell you a secret - we categorically do not have enough buyers, both wholesale and retail.
If you are the owner of such an institution or lead a group involved in vegetarianism, raw food, diets, the fight against diabetes, fitness clubs and other places where we monitor our nutrition, we will be happy to cooperate. We have all the conditions: fast order fulfillment, deferred payment, non-cash payment and flexibility in creating something new.
We can come and bring product samples to anywhere in Ukraine, we can send them by transport campaigns.

In addition to the above, we have experience in supplying our products with gift wrapping sets for corporate orders. 

Наборы корпоративным клиентам

In this case, the format of the gifts and the price are discussed individually.
For any questions, write to our mail