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Fruit Chips

Пастила, фрипсы, полезные сладости

Shop of pastille, Frips, candied fruits and other sweets and relish

Meet me. Let`s to say some word about our company. This is a European-style family business, when there are specific two people who can say “this” and “this” are good for you, but “this” is worthless. Our region has always been famous for a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and berries, which we process and turn into our favorite Smakoliki. We are doing everything ourselves and are not building up much of our momentum. So far, this business is subsidized, but thanks to you and your purchases, it will soon reach self-sufficiency and further prosperity, and we promise that product quality will always remain in the first place for us. We are ready to supply our products both to small and large retail chains, but if for this we need to cut quality, large networks will be left without our product. Our goodies can be ordered not only on the Internet, but also bought in our city in various specialized shops and stalls. As well as in other cities in health food stores, shops for vegetarians and other health food stores.



We are pleased to offer you everything that we ourselves love. Fine fruit Frips, natural candy without sugar, candied fruit, nachos with parmesan, sun-dried tomatoes, experimental sweets, date caramel, Nepechenie and all this is handmade and without the addition of GMOs, emulsifiers, dyes and so on. This store and business grew out of a simple passion and desire to consume better products than are observed on store shelves. We are very pleased that every day there are more and more fans of our product, and we thank you and give a promise to continue to try to produce only a high-quality product. We and our children eat it ourselves and know what quality you need. We appreciate the feedback from our consumer to improve our product and do the best for you!